Comodo Internet Security Review

Comodo Internet Security features a user-friendly and straightforward interface, offering quick access to scan your PC, unblock programs blocked by firewall, update Comodo and secure shopping. The main widget provides quick access for these activities.

This software features advanced features such as Auto Sandbox technology and an HIPS feature which detects and prevents any unauthorised system changes made by hackers and malware, in addition to offering secure browsing in an isolated virtual environment.

Advanced firewall protection

Comodo Internet Security provides a comprehensive suite of firewall features designed to safeguard against external threats to your computer, from stateful inspection firewalls that filter network connections and block attempts at accessing private data to anti-virus scanners that detect and eliminate malicious programs from your PC. Plus, Comodo’s firewall boasts an intuitive user-friendly interface!

This software uses cloud-based virus scanning, real time behavior analysis and automatic file look-up to detect unknown malware. Additionally, its sandbox feature isolates untrustworthy applications in their own virtual space to protect other parts of your system and protect you against attacks which attempt to gain access and steal your financial data or hijack devices.

Comodo’s sandbox technology has been rigorously evaluated and has proven itself effective against malware and other threats. In our tests, Comodo’s antivirus detected all phishing sites we visited as well as stopping any man-in-the-middle attack attempts and blocked attempted downloads of malware, even when they were compressed in ZIP format.

User-friendly interface makes setting application rules, global rules, network zones and port sets straightforward. Furthermore, various scan types can be set and edited. Finally, gamer mode helps prioritize computer performance when gaming or watching movies by pausing updates automatically.

Anti-tracking feature

Comodo Internet Security’s anti-tracking feature works by blocking tracking cookies to protect you against malware tracking your personal information and computer while online. In addition, this feature protects devices against phishing attacks while alerting you about potentially suspicious sites; additionally it warns about man-in-the-middle attacks by checking the certificates used on web pages against its list of trusted root certificates and providing additional warning of man-in-the-middle attacks by checking certificates against its own list of trusted root certificates.

Comodo Internet Security provides 360deg protection from both external and internal threats with powerful antivirus, an enterprise class packet filtering firewall, and a threat containment system – an approach which isolates any unknown files into their own virtual environment so as to reduce harm to the rest of your device. Additional features include virtual desktop to run unknown applications safely in isolation mode; secure shopping feature to perform online banking/shopping transactions securely; ID theft protection tool which checks email/credit card for known breaches in databases of known breaches – to provide all-around protection.

Customers of Comodo Software have long relied upon its easy-to-use interface and customer support, along with its ability to detect and remove malware even when hidden or undetectable by other programs. Other notable features include GeekBuddy – a live chat feature offering help from Comodo technicians via an instant messenger-style interface; as well as their Virus Free Guarantee and TrustConnect offering 128 bit encrypted connectivity from public Wi-Fi hotspots.

Secure shopping feature

This program’s main window features a widget which gives users quick access to four basic functions: scanning, unblocking applications, updating and secure shopping. Secure shopping creates a security-hardened container (similar to virtualization) where installed web browsers run in full screen window within an isolated environment protected from malware or threats that could otherwise target them during sensitive online banking or shopping transactions.

Secure Shopping features also protect against memory-scraping and remote takeover attempts, and provide independent SSL certificate authentication to avoid man-in-the-middle attacks, providing an ideal solution for anyone wanting to safeguard their personal information and transactions on the web.

Comodo Internet Security Plus 8 features an innovative host-based intrusion detection system which uses heuristics to identify and block evasive malware, offering protection from many types of threats that traditional antivirus software cannot identify. Furthermore, its auto-sandbox technology tests suspicious files before running them on your PC to make sure no viruses are installed with them.

Product features three versions – free, pro, and premium. The free version provides firewall, anti-virus and ransomware protection; pro and premium plans add extra features like secure browsing for online banking transactions as well as Valkyrie for isolating suspicious programs.

24/7 customer support

Comodo provides 24/7 customer service, which is certainly an advantage. However, if you need any assistance you must be patient as the company takes time to respond. Comodo also has some bloatware – its “secure web browser” uses Chromium engine which is susceptible to security risks as well as sending logs ‘anonymously’ by default to them which could potentially use this information for marketing purposes; you can avoid this by disabling this feature.

Comodo provides more security features besides antivirus and firewall services, including protecting users against man-in-the-middle attacks by stopping websites from using fake SSL certificates, blocking phishing sites by verifying whether their website is secure, as well as blocking phishing sites by detecting whether their URLs are secure. Unfortunately, its other features are less strong, such as not detecting malware as quickly.

Gaming Mode, which mutes notifications while you are gaming, is another notable feature. Although its other features are fairly standard, such as protection for webcam and microphone usage and installing additional apps or extensions for specific features (which may be annoying), many competitor products offer more integrated security features; Norton plans come equipped with security suite and system optimization features that work more seamlessly.

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