Comodo Dragon Browser Review

Comodo Dragon

Comodo Dragon is a secure web browser designed to offer users extra protection online. Based on Chromium, which forms the open-source basis of Google Chrome, Comodo Dragon removes bloatware that many other similar browsers include while adding extra features that offer users peace of mind when surfing the internet.

Comodo provides quick access to its primary functions – including scanning, unblocking applications, updates and secure shopping. A user-friendly widget enables swift navigation between these areas.


Komodo dragons hunt their prey ranging from small lizards to wild boars and deer, eating carrion up to six miles away and using their sense of smell to find recently buried people, sometimes raiding graveyards; they adapt by digging in clay soil around gravesites before placing rocks over it as protection.

Komodo dragons have long been revered as terrifying predators, making them popular exhibits at zoos around the world. But their size makes them increasingly dangerous if startled or cornered; since 1974 there have been 24 attacks on humans–five fatally–from Komodos living wild, with habitat loss, hunting by humans and climate change making their future uncertain.

Comodo Internet Security software offers complete protection from malware, viruses, Trojans, worms, buffer overflows, zero day attacks, spyware and hacker tools. It combines powerful antivirus software with an enterprise class packet filtering firewall, advanced host intrusion prevention technology and application control features to provide comprehensive coverage against cyber threats.

Incognito mode erases browsing history or search data on your computer. With Do Not Track enabled, websites will know not to track you anymore. Comodo monitors your physical location and warns if pages try to access cameras or microphones on devices connected to the same account. Plus you can easily sync Comodo Dragon settings across devices by signing into one account!


Komodo Dragons may appear to move slowly across land, but they are capable of amazing bursts of speed that can reach up to 13 miles per hour for short distances when hunting or trying to avoid predators.

Scientists have observed them swimming much faster in water than while walking! Scientists have noted them using swimming as their means of travel between their islands of living, which scientists have noted as moving much more quickly than walking would.

Their enhanced sense of smell allows them to track down prey more efficiently; they can detect dead animals as far away as six miles. Once an animal is located, they use their speed and agility to quickly attack it before retreating for cover.

Komodo Dragons can consume their meals quickly, often up to 8% of their body weight in just one sitting! Their stomachs expand to accommodate large quantities of meat.

Komodo Dragons may seem harmless at first glance, but these potent hunters are capable of attacking anything that moves, including humans. Their long flat heads with round snouts, long flat bodies and bowed legs make them formidable predators with thick scaley skin, sharp claws and powerful tails capable of taking down even large animals.


Comodo Dragon was designed to be user-friendly and provide maximum privacy protection, thanks to features such as its built-in malware/phishing protection, secure DNS hosting and prioritized security features. This Chromium browser boasts some impressive protection capabilities including built-in malware/phishing protection as well as other prioritization mechanisms.

Comodo Dragon can save a copy of content that you visit to speed up web pages by caching it; to clear this data simply right-click a section at the bottom of your browser and choose “Delete Cache”.

Some websites may request permission to track your location; to avoid this happening, select ‘Do not allow websites to track my location’.

Comodo Dragon allows you to specify which websites should be allowed to run Java scripts and can add exceptions for specific domains that may require them for optimal operation, which can be invaluable when dealing with sites that simply won’t function without Javascript running in the background.

Komodo dragons, as ectothermic animals, regulate their body temperatures through various activities including seeking shade, swimming and sunbathing. Additionally, they can cool off by eating lizards, fish or water buffalo to bring down their temperatures further.


Comodo Dragon is a web browser designed to prioritize privacy and security with built-in protection from online threats and tracking. Based on Chromium – the open source engine behind Google Chrome – Comodo Dragon includes many of its benefits as well as unique ones such as accessing Comodo’s secure DNS servers that help block ISP tracking. Freely available as part of Comodo antivirus software suite.

The Internet is the world’s premier communicative medium, a surging tide of ID numbers, passwords and personal data exposed to millions of hackers, scammers and phishers who regularly expose it. Stepping onto the Web today can feel like walking down an hall lined with portraits – each waiting patiently to exploit whatever you disclose about yourself.

Comodo Dragon offers numerous privacy and security features to safeguard your sensitive information while making browsing fast and enjoyable. These include:

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