August 4, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ stores has for a long time been the leading provider of products, solutions, and services. It operates mainly in the US whereby over 70 percent of the population is reliant on its services. It offers professional service more than 1.5 billion times every year at an affordable price. It mostly engages with small business owner and customers.

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It also has operations in countries such as Mexico and Canada where it has both an online and physical presence.Since it first begun in 1983, its services have received both negative and positive reviews alike. All in all, has withstood the test of time and service. It basically offers numerous purchases and few returns.

When it comes to shipping, does not disappoint. At most times, the ordered product arrives even a day earlier. It also offers unbeatable prices as compared to its rival sites. Its customer services have been termed as ‘average’ by frequent users. This is based on their association with the site.