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Balance of Nature supplements promote a healthy immune system and strengthen DNA. They also offer fiber for good gut health; however, these products should not be seen as cures for all diseases; some side effects may occur such as gastrointestinal discomfort.

Lyophilization is used by this company to preserve the nutrients present in its supplements made from freeze-dried fruits and vegetables.


Balance of Nature is a nutritional supplement company offering whole food-based formulas designed to enhance proper nutrition in standard diets. Consumers who have tried them have reported increased energy levels, improved digestion and overall better health benefits; though its price may deter some customers. Luckily, Balance of Nature offers free trials for any potential subscribers.

Balance of Nature products vary in cost depending on their type and quantity purchased; for instance, a 30-day supply of Fruits & Veggies retails for around $90 while Fiber & Spice supplements cost roughly $65. Additionally, Balance of Nature offers subscription services that may save money.

The brand promises that their supplements support healthy immune function and DNA repair, as well as provide other advantages such as heart health promotion and cholesterol levels reduction. Unfortunately, certain of their ingredients could interact with statins and calcium channel blockers and cause serious side effects that could negatively impact user experience.

Balance of Nature offers supplement products in various sizes and forms, from single-serve packets to large bottles. Their supplements are manufactured in the US with extensive testing protocols; additionally, each product comes complete with its own manufacturing date!

Some users of Balance of Nature products have experienced negative side effects, including an upset stomach. Furthermore, many have commented negatively on the taste of its fruits and veggie capsules. Balance of Nature supplements are highly effective and easy to take, however these issues should not deter buyers as the product lacks nutritional information so it’s difficult to know exactly how much of what is available to them. Avoid these issues by selecting an alternative brand of nutritional supplements such as Maximum Vibrance by Vibrant Health which offers more affordable nutrition with wide-ranging nutrients suitable for vegetarians and gluten-free dieters.


Balance of Nature is a nutritional supplement company offering products made from natural fruits, vegetables, and fiber. Their freeze-dried products preserve vitamins and minerals found in food and can be taken either in capsule or liquid form for easy consumption. While safe for adults and children alike, pregnant or nursing women are advised against taking this product.

Balance of Nature products are advertised as free from pesticides, heavy metals and other contaminants; additionally they claim that third parties test them for safety. Unfortunately, the FDA issued a warning letter against Balance of Nature in August 2019, suggesting they may not comply with current Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs). Though Balance of Nature still sells their products today, consumers should take note of this warning letter sent from FDA as it could signal future issues within its manufacturing processes.

Balance of Nature employs a process called lyophilization (2) for its products. This involves freezing produce before placing it into a vacuum to be ground into powder form for storage in capsules or sealed packages. While this same process is used by pharmaceutical drugmakers, Balance of Nature boasts that they don’t add preservatives or synthetic supplements and that their products are free from GMOs and gluten.

Though these supplements can be helpful, it’s always best to get your nutrients from food instead. Balance of Nature supplements have been known to boost energy levels, improve digestion, and help ease constipation; however some users have reported side effects such as loose stools and digestive problems from taking these products.

Balance of Nature supplements may be costly for consumers who purchase them on subscription. For instance, their Fruits & Veggies and Fiber and Spice pack costs over $100 monthly – a significant financial commitment for most. While there is a 30-day trial available from the company, users have reported difficulties cancelling future orders, which can be an enormous turnoff.


Balance of Nature stands out among a world of supplements claiming to cure all manner of ailments by offering whole food-based nutritional supplements aimed at increasing proper diets. They have been in business for 26 years and established an excellent reputation with their products.

This product contains an assortment of fruits and vegetables without artificial ingredients, and uses a unique freeze-dry process to preserve their natural flavors and phytonutrients. According to its creators, this method is safer than pasteurization processes typically employed in supplements – making this ideal for people adhering to certain dietary restrictions.

Balance of Nature supplements don’t interact with most medications and are gluten- and dairy-free for allergy sufferers, making them safe to take without worry. But, if you are taking prescription medication, please consult with your physician first as some fruit blends may contain grapefruit which could cause side effects when combined with certain drugs; additionally soybean may pose risks to those allergic to soy products.

Balance of Nature’s product offers many nutritional advantages while remaining convenient to use. Available as capsules that can easily be swallowed with water or mixed into liquids for consumption. You may also sprinkle or chew as desired!

This company also sells other supplements, including fiber and spice products that can help increase immunity, regulate blood sugar levels, reduce inflammation, and minimize sodium and fat intake – ideal for those following restrictive diets. They even provide an affordable subscription option which allows customers to save money with each purchase; free to join and cancel at any time with no penalties applied if desired; single bottles can also be purchased individually before subscribing. Finally, customer service at this company is outstanding and helpful!


Balance of Nature is a rapidly-expanding company that produces supplements aimed at optimizing nutrition for standard diets. Their whole food-based formulas offer an easy and efficient way to meet essential vitamins and minerals needs; their products contain fiber, probiotics and phytonutrients; can relieve constipation; help combat yeast infections in bladder problems; as well as help prevent heartburn or indigestion symptoms. Unfortunately, however, some individuals may not find these suitable.

Though this company boasts high ratings and an admirable reputation, they do have their critics. One issue lies with a lack of transparency regarding nutritional breakdown of its products, making it hard to know how much to take each day. While the company provides a 30-day trial to alleviate this concern, testers may feel uncomfortable keeping to a daily multivitamin regime because they were oversupplementing.

Balance of Nature has another issue when it comes to its ingredients – quality is often unclear when looking at its supplements’ components, even though the company claims only high-grade raw materials are used. Furthermore, their website doesn’t disclose exactly which components make up each supplement so comparing with other green supplements becomes impossible; especially concerning for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers who need a clear view.

The manufacturer’s website indicates that their products are suitable for use during pregnancy and breastfeeding; however, this may not always be accurate. Their fruit blend contains grapefruit extract which may interact with some medications and cause side effects; furthermore, as it contains soy products it would not be suitable for people allergic to soy products.

Supplements may be relatively costly compared to other green supplements, and their effectiveness depends heavily on self-reporting from users. Some customers have reported feeling better after taking these pills, yet results vary depending on individual circumstances and individual responses. Furthermore, real food provides much more nutrition than supplements can; so for optimal results try getting most of your nutrition through fruits and vegetables rather than supplements.

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