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Balance of Nature produces dietary supplements containing vacuum freeze-dried whole food ingredients and has had numerous run-ins with the FDA, including several lawsuits for false advertising.

FDA recently issued an injunction against this company for making unsubstantiated health claims and failing to follow current good manufacturing practices, in addition to operating a subscription program which breaches consumer protection laws.

Product Description

Balance of Nature products are designed to deliver an all-natural nutrient boost from whole fruits and vegetables, using an innovative system of flash drying and encapsulation that packs 10 servings into one tiny capsule. All fruits and veggies used in their products are grown without GMOs or chemicals and harvested at peak ripeness before cold vacuuming to extract all excess water, after which powder is packaged into vegetarian capsules for shipment; each bottle of 90 contains three daily doses recommended by Balance of Nature.

Ingredients of Fiber and Spice supplements include an optimal mix of organic and non-organic food sources, with no additional sugar added to their powder. Mixing it easily into water or juice, it makes an easy addition to your daily routine. There are multiple packages to choose from; an especially generous one includes both Fruits & Veggies and Fiber and Spice for one simple purchase price. Furthermore, Fiber and Spice offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

However, this company has an uncertain past: most recently it received a warning letter from the FDA for making false health claims and has also been the subject of several lawsuits and investigations; its CEO has even been accused of fraud.

Balance of Nature may help those who lack access to enough fruits and vegetables, but it should not be seen as a miracle cure. Many of their claims lack scientific backing so it’s wise to read reviews before making a purchase decision.

The Balance of Nature is a supplement composed of fruits, herbs and spices and recommended as part of a healthy diet and exercise regime. According to its website, taking it can assist with weight loss, digestion and blood sugar regulation as well as blood pressure regulation. Amazon sells their products. Based in St George Utah – an area known for being predominantly Mormon – this company claims its products will aid weight loss, digestion and blood pressure regulation. While not a scam per se, some experts view The Balance of Nature as less effective than similar dietary supplements; nonetheless it should not be seen as such as one.


Balance of Nature provides supplements with freeze-dried fruits and vegetables for people looking for something extra. Established by chiropractor Douglas Howard in 1997, its products provide essential nutrients people don’t get from their normal diets.

The products sold by this company are composed of freeze-dried fruits and vegetables that undergo lyophilization, a process commonly used in food and pharmaceutical manufacturing that reduces most of their water content while still preserving essential nutrients, flavor, and reducing bacteria and mold risks. Furthermore, a proprietary blend of spices and extracts are added for additional health benefits.

While this supplement offers an effective alternative to traditional multivitamins, it does have some drawbacks. Notably, its label fails to list vitamin and mineral contents, making it hard for users to ascertain exactly how much each nutrient they’re getting. In addition, its manufacturer’s website makes numerous unsubstantiated claims regarding its products.

Balance of Nature has an unfortunate track record with the FDA. In 2019, they sent Evig LLC, the manufacturer of Balance of Nature supplements, a warning letter alleging their labels and advertising violated federal law as they claimed their products could treat or cure multiple illnesses and ailments.

Even with these concerns, Balance of Nature products are still widely available; however, if you are concerned about ingredient safety we suggest looking elsewhere for your supplement needs. Look for third-party tested and longer money-back guarantees such as Garden of Life’s fiber supplement which features all organic ingredients. It also comes with a 60 day money back policy while Balance of Nature only provides 30 day refund policies; in addition avoid products containing coconut or sesame oil which could cause allergic reactions in some individuals.


Balance of Nature is a health supplement consisting of freeze-dried fruits, vegetables, and spices designed to increase nutritional value of an average diet and can be taken by people of any age or gender. Formulated after years of medical research, its products should only be seen as part of leading a healthier lifestyle and not intended to replace existing healthy dietary practices.

Balance of Nature’s website exhibits some dubious claims regarding their products’ benefits, such as their assertion that supplements from them can enhance lactation in rats. Unfortunately, this claim cannot be supported with scientific data and the website also includes references to studies that were never peer-reviewed, raising red flags with consumers. Furthermore, Evig LLC recently settled a $1.1 million consumer protection lawsuit.

Balance of Nature supplements have long been accused of making unsupported health claims while being mislabeled, according to FDA warning letters issued in 2019. According to these letters, their products were adulterated and did not meet current Good Manufacturing Practice regulations, mislabeling ingredients like “wild yam” as “yam,” which are two different plants.

Though Balance of Nature still sells its products, customers may wish to find more trustworthy alternatives such as Transparent Labs REDS, AG1 or Swolverine Greens+Reds which provide less expensive supplements while providing excellent customer service.

Balance of Nature products vary in cost depending on their type and quantity purchased, though its subscription option can help save you money and ensure a steady supply. Unfortunately, its return policy is somewhat restrictive: only valid on first orders with refund taking up to 30 days to process; must contact company for return request – some competitors offer more generous return policies!


The Balance of Nature concept is an inspiring one that recognizes the delicate equilibrium between various elements in our natural environment, while also acknowledging its necessity for all living things’ wellbeing. Many environmental activists and advocates use this principle as their driving force when fighting climate change or protecting rainforests – these individuals understand its significance for keeping nature balanced.

Balance of Nature has received some positive customer reviews, yet its business practices and product quality remain questionable. According to the Better Business Bureau’s records of 351 complaints closed against them over three years; most pertaining to issues with subscription service subscription and difficulty cancelling orders. Furthermore, Balance of Nature was never accredited by BBB and in 2019 FDA issued warning letter alleging their supplements made overstated health claims while not meeting current good manufacturing practice regulations.

Balance of Nature formula, according to its manufacturer, is composed of freeze-dried fruits and vegetables along with other whole foods, following an intensive drying process in which 95% of water has been removed. It contains essential spices which support nutrient absorption as well as being clinically tested to increase daily nutritional intake.

Though Balance of Nature supplements may be effective, they cannot replace a healthy diet featuring plenty of whole-foods. Furthermore, excessive salt and sugar consumption can contribute to weight gain as well as other health problems; before taking any dietary supplement it is always wise to consult your physician, particularly if you have certain medical conditions.

If you are considering trying Balance of Nature supplements, be aware that they do not come cheap. A 30-day supply of Fruits & Veggies typically runs around $90 while Fiber and Spice costs approximately $65. They do offer a subscribe-and-save option which knocks approximately $10 off their regular pricing, yet this remains an expensive investment option; alternative cheaper solutions exist which offer similar benefits.

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