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Balance of Nature is a company that produces supplements using freeze-dried whole food supplements. Their primary product, Fruits and Veggies, combines six servings of fruits and vegetables into one capsule, providing a natural alternative to synthetic multivitamins.

In 2019, the FDA issued Evig LLC a warning letter, alleging their products violated current good manufacturing practices and made false claims. They provided examples such as videos and written materials in which Balance of Nature products were credited with curing various diseases or conditions.

It’s made in the U.S.

Balance of Nature makes eating fruits and vegetables easier in an age of fast food and processed snacks by providing whole food vitamin supplements with real fruit, vegetable, and spice blends that use freeze drying technology to preserve their nutrition value. Products come in three distinct blends to save you money; additionally there is even an affordable subscription service!

Though this company has received much publicity, it’s essential to remember that supplements should never replace a healthy diet. Any claims by them to cure diseases are misleading, and their failure to comply with FDA regulations has earned them warning letters from regulators; additionally, its distributor agreed to settle a consumer protection lawsuit for $1.1 million settlement in 2019.

Balance of Nature has been in operation since 1997 as a family-run business run by Douglas Howard, D.C. According to Douglas Howard’s philosophy: balancing your mind, body, and diet to promote overall wellness.

Supplements produced by this American-made company are sold both offline and online, including through subscription service offers that shave off $10 off any monthly order if used for the initial one only. Return policies at this company can be quite restrictive but theirs outshone most competitors’ policies in this respect.

Balance of Nature has an extensive selection of products, but its ingredients may not be of superior quality. As there has been minimal research conducted on them and they may not prove as effective over time. Furthermore, Balance of Nature sources their ingredients from less desirable locations than its competitors’ offerings and therefore may not provide optimal supplements. In order to get maximum benefit out of dietary supplements it’s wise to focus on whole food sources rather than synthetic vitamins.

It’s made in China

Balance of Nature supplements represent an innovative approach to whole food supplementation. They were created as an easy and accessible way for consumers to increase their fruit and vegetable consumption daily, without replacing a healthy diet with processed food products; nevertheless, Balance of Nature has been well received among many consumers.

This company produces their products outside China but instead in the US; some ingredients may come from China though this information remains undisclosed by them and their website lacks contact details, making it hard to get an answer as to exactly what ingredients make up their products. Additionally, their website lacks contact details for anyone at this company and contacting someone from them is impossible.

Balance of Nature was required to stop producing and selling their dietary supplements following an FDA consent order for false advertising claims stating their products could help cure, mitigate or treat cancer, heart disease, cirrhosis or diabetes. Furthermore, Balance of Nature failed to follow current good manufacturing practices.

Though Balance of Nature products claim to be third party tested, their lack of transparency and history of violations raise serious doubts regarding their products’ safety. As a result, it would be wiser to wait until Balance of Nature can demonstrate they are safe and effective before using their products; alternative options such as Terra Kai Organics and Swolverine Greens+Reds offer more reliable testing programs.

Balance of Nature offers two flagship products, Fruit and Veggie and Fiber and Spice, that consist of flash-dried fruits and veggies that have been cold vacuumed so as to remove water while leaving nutrients intact. They then package their product in convenient small green and red capsules for easy consumption, offering monthly subscription plans at discounted rates compared to similar dietary supplement brands that use preservatives or added extracts that keep prices competitive despite having cheaper alternatives available on the market.

It’s made in Europe

Balance of Nature offers a line of “whole health” supplements called Fruits, Veggies, and Fiber that claim to supplement some portion of what people should eat for optimal wellness. Unfortunately, however, recent class action litigation against Balance of Nature revealed that their supplements may not be as pure and potent as advertised and Evig LLC and Premium Production LLC in Utah have been ordered by court order to cease producing and selling these supplements until they can demonstrate compliance with FDA regulations.

Although these supplements claim to be made in the US, they’re actually produced in Europe by a company using freeze-dried fruits and vegetables to make its products, before shipping them over for distribution in America. Their website states that each day’s dose contains at least five servings of fresh fruit and 10 of salad. Unfortunately, many consumers have complained about both their taste as well as high price point of these supplements.

As well as false advertising, the company has also been accused of mislabeling ingredients; for instance, wild yams are listed on labels as “yams,” although they belong to different plants altogether. Furthermore, according to FDA allegations, the company failed to abide by current Good Manufacturing Practice regulations.

Maddie Pasquillano, a registered dietitian based out of Brooklyn, New York, holds mixed views about Balance of Nature supplements. While she recognizes they may help with certain nutrient deficiencies in certain instances, she emphasizes the importance of prioritizing whole foods over supplements: most nutrients we require can be met through eating lots of fresh fruits and vegetables instead.

Though Balance of Nature’s supplement may not be a cure-all, it does provide an easy and affordable way to add more fruits and vegetables into one’s diet. There are numerous other products on the market; NorCal Organic’s Fiber supplement does not contain added sugar and is third party tested; plus its money-back guarantee lasts longer than 30 days!

It’s made in Canada

Balance of Nature is a nutritional supplement company offering capsules and powder forms of their supplements. Their products claim to contain all-natural ingredients such as vitamins and minerals; free from gluten, GMOs and preservatives. According to them, their supplements help improve digestion and prevent gastrointestinal issues, promote weight loss as well as lower cholesterol. They claim these supplements reduce cholesterol and promote overall health benefits; however they have been accused of making false health claims; the FDA sent a warning letter against Balance of Nature in 2019 for exaggerated health claims made regarding their products while failing to adhere to current good manufacturing practices (CGMP).

Balance of Nature makes various questionable claims regarding its product on its website, including an “effectiveness” section which references several studies which purport to demonstrate it; none of these studies come from peer-reviewed journals and third party testing is also mentioned without providing evidence supporting these assertions.

Balance of Nature supplements have been accused of being a scam. A class action lawsuit alleges that their advertisements falsely suggested their products could cure various ailments and diseases such as cancer and hepatitis C. Additionally, customers were charged more by automatically subscribing for automatic subscription plans without disclosing terms and conditions or seeking affirmative consent from customers before signing them up or providing any way to cancel online.

Though these concerns exist, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) has yet to initiate an investigation of Balance of Nature. With only a C rating and low customer satisfaction scores, many complaints have focused around its billing policies and subscription service issues.

Balance of Nature stands out from its competitors by using real fruit and vegetable concentrates instead of synthetic nutrients in its products, ensuring an increased nutrient intake than competing supplements on the market. According to Balance of Nature’s manufacturer, this approach leads to more natural formulas with greater effectiveness; plus there’s no added sugars or artificial flavors present – making Balance of Nature an excellent way to increase fruit and veggie consumption!

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