Balance of Nature Reviews

balance of nature reviews

Balance of Nature offers whole food supplements at competitive prices. Their products can be purchased individually, or through their Preferred Membership program which sends monthly deliveries of fruit and veggie capsules at a discounted price.

However, the company recently settled a lawsuit over false marketing claims with an agreement to take down any health-related content from its website and withdraw them altogether.


Balance of Nature offers 100% all-natural whole food supplements made up of three products – Fruit & Veggie Capsules, Fiber & Spice and the Whole Health System. They’re located in Southern Utah and offer either one-time purchases or Preferred Membership subscription plans delivering supplements directly into their inbox every month. Plus they provide a 30-day money back guarantee on first orders made as subscribers!

These supplements are produced in the US using cGMP-compliant facilities and feature real fruits and vegetables sourced directly from nature, offering people looking to increase the nutritional value of their daily meals an easy solution. With years of medical research behind their production, customers have reported improved blood pressure and cholesterol levels as well as healthier skin, hair, and nails after taking these products.

But, it is important to keep in mind that dietary supplements cannot replace eating healthy. Although Balance of Nature products may help add more fruits and veggies into your diet, they will not provide the same level of nutrition as whole foods would.

Balance of Nature supplements come as powders or capsules that can be mixed with water, juice or other liquids to be taken orally. Some customers have complained of chalky taste; others found it very enjoyable; users even used the product to make healthy smoothies with it! Unfortunately, however, their website contains issues as it cites studies but none from peer-reviewed journals.

Price-wise, their services are expensive compared to others; even though they provide a subscribe-and-save option for their Fruit and Veggies combo pack which contains both Fiber and Spice as well as Fruit and Veggies Supplements, subscribing and saving may still prove costly.

Balance of Nature has garnered many customer reviews on its website, though most are negative. Complaints regarding subscription services and difficulties cancelling orders have been prevalent, while in three years the Better Business Bureau has received 351 complaints against this company – most not related directly to products; nevertheless it should be noted that Balance of Nature holds a poor rating with them.


Balance of Nature is a dietary supplement company offering whole food vitamin supplements made from flash-dried fruits and vegetables which have been cold vacuumed to remove water while retaining nutrients. They claim their products have been tested by third parties to be free from pesticides or additives; in addition they claim they are gluten-free and vegan-friendly but do not provide evidence to back this claim up. In fact, the FDA has issued warning letters against Balance of Nature for making false statements regarding its products.

Dietary supplement manufacturers must abide by FDA regulations when manufacturing dietary supplements and provide evidence of product safety to them. Accurate labeling must also be provided, with health claims substantiated accordingly. Balance of Nature was issued multiple warnings by FDA for making unsubstantiated health claims while failing to adhere to Good Manufacturing Practice regulations, leading to several lawsuits being brought against it for misleading marketing practices.

According to a class action lawsuit brought against Balance of Nature, their advertisements make misleading claims that its supplements treat various illnesses. According to these advertisements, their supplements reportedly treat cancer, arthritis, multiple sclerosis and diabetes among others; plus consuming their dietary supplements is like eating 10 servings of fresh fruits and vegetables per day! This class action alleges violations against Federal Trade Commission Act as well as damages caused to consumers.

Although these supplements cannot treat disease, they may provide various health benefits including increased energy and digestion aid. Furthermore, they’re an excellent source of protein, fiber, and antioxidants – but should never replace healthy eating practices entirely; excessive use may have harmful consequences.

Balance of Nature offers more than just its signature natural dietary supplements – they also provide health coaching services for their customers. Their supplements are natural, without added sweeteners or stevia. Their easy-to-use system allows customers to keep track of daily nutrition intake; and are much less expensive than competing greens powders such as Texas Superfood and Enso Supergreens.

Side effects

Balance of Nature whole food products offer an easy way to increase your fruit and vegetable consumption, providing essential micronutrients essential for healthful living. They’re especially helpful for people with dietary restrictions as they help meet nutrient needs without altering their diet plan. Marketed as effective solutions against cardiovascular disease, cancer and chronic inflammation; nonetheless balanced eating patterns combined with regular physical activity remain cornerstones of a fulfilling lifestyle.

Balance of Nature makes bold health claims on their website, prompting some consumers and healthcare professionals to express their disbelief about these claims. For instance, their claim that one supplement can replace all the benefits of eating healthily may be misleading as these supplements contain concentrated extracts which should not replace eating an array of whole food foods instead.

Balance of Nature offers two convenient ordering methods – single orders or subscription services. Their subscribe and save option allows for 35% savings on first orders; however, to take advantage of it you must commit to placing a recurring monthly order.

A company’s ad campaign features video testimonials from real customers that sound too genuine to be faked. Furthermore, its ads state the names and occupations of these individuals who appear in them; an experienced amateur investigator could easily contact these customers and verify their authenticity.

Due to repeated violations of FDA regulations – including making false claims about their products – the Food and Drug Administration has requested Utah-based parent companies of Balance of Nature cease production and sales until they can meet current good manufacturing practices (CGMPs).

Balance of Nature products are safe to take; however, some combinations with certain medications could result in side effects. For instance, their fruit blend includes grapefruit which could interact with certain medications; in addition, their veggie capsules contain soy which could pose risks if someone has an allergy to soy products.


Balance of Nature has built its reputation on offering simple ways to supplement daily nutrient needs. Their supplements are based on whole foods with high concentrations of antioxidants for overall health benefits, though some key issues have made the brand less reliable than other options. We will evaluate Balance of Nature products, analyze customer reviews and explore alternatives options available to increase daily nutrient consumption.

Balance of Nature may or may not be associated with Mormons; its name, however, includes “nature.” This could be due to its location in St George, Utah – an area with high Mormon populations – where its founder may have come from or due to an unusual marketing approach that includes making health claims that have yet to be verified and extensive use of jargon-heavy websites with vague health claims that lack credibility. This type of marketing approach would likely cause customers to distrust such brands as Balance of Nature.

Balance of Nature products may provide an effective supplement for people lacking fruits and vegetables in their diet, however they should never serve as a replacement. Their supplements cannot match the nutrition or health advantages found in whole food; similarly, no cure should ever be attempted with supplements alone. Rather, Balance of Nature should instead educate its customers about the advantages of eating healthily while offering an accurate Supplement Facts label.

Although this company boasts an impressive list of ingredients, its supplements do not work as advertised. According to FDA warnings about unsubstantiated claims and inadequate research methods; additionally, their e-commerce model has been accused of false advertising and unlawful billing of customers.

To prevent problems, select a trustworthy company with a proven record of results. Make sure the e-commerce model is transparent and offers a refund policy if the product does not satisfy you. Moreover, ensure they use an independent third-party verification service to check product safety – this way you will not purchase something which has been altered or manufactured in China.

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