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The Balance of Nature is a dietary supplement comprised of fruit, vegetable powders and spices sourced organically and gluten-free; additionally it does not contain any additives, preservatives or artificial sweeteners.

The company claims their supplements have been tested by an independent third-party laboratory, however this claim cannot be independently verified.


Balance of nature supplements may seem expensive to many consumers, but their potential health benefits must be carefully considered. Made from real fruits and vegetables that contain nutrients that support immune function against illnesses as well as antioxidants and fiber content, these products can serve as an easy way to incorporate more fruits and veggies into the diet without changing it dramatically. Nonetheless, supplements should never replace healthy eating practices altogether and should only be consumed moderately.

The company’s website boasts that their products are scientifically-based and offer a money back guarantee if you aren’t completely satisfied. While their exact nutritional breakdown remains unknown, these supplements have been designed to support strong immune systems while helping repair DNA and protect cells.

This supplement boasts an impressive list of ingredients, such as acetic acid, vitamin C, zinc, folic acid, calcium magnesium and potassium. These nutrients may help improve immunity while decreasing cardiovascular disease risk factors and cancer risks; in addition, digestive health could improve and weight loss may occur more effectively.

Balance of Nature products come in powder form and are easy to take. They offer natural health benefits without adverse side effects or side reviews compared to many dietary supplements on the market today. They have also received many favorable reviews.

Balance of Nature has received several customer service complaints regarding difficulty canceling auto ship subscriptions and spending hours trying to contact someone – with customer service reps from India and Mexico speaking no English whatsoever!

Balance of Nature offers powdered and capsuled fruits and vegetables made with premium-quality fruits and vegetables that offer a full spectrum of phytochemicals, which support health by reducing inflammation and fighting free radical damage in our bodies. They can be found in most fruits and vegetables and should form part of a balanced diet plan.


Balance of Nature dietary supplement company specializes in natural nutrition. Their products provide an easy way to boost nutrient intake without adding calories or fat. While the company’s supplements may not be the most cost-effective options available, many users find them worth their investment – made of organic ingredients without artificial preservatives and produced right here in America!

This product’s website details all of its ingredients used in its production, while also noting that it is vegan-friendly, filler and preservative free, and subjected to third-party testing (although results from said tests remain unavailable online – making verification difficult).

One of the primary complaints against this supplement is its exorbitant price point, especially its greens powder which costs significantly more than comparable products on the market. Furthermore, this supplement may not contain as many nutrient-rich vegetables and fruits to offer comparable effectiveness.

Another concern about this product is that its ingredients aren’t organic. This may cause digestive issues and other health issues; additionally, you might feel queasy and skip meals as a result; additionally, supplements could also prove allergenic for some individuals.

As well as these concerns, there are also significant doubts surrounding its labeling and research. For example, claims made about treating coronavirus have been proven false by several credible organizations. Furthermore, its ability to treat cancer has yet to be proven conclusively either way.

Balance of Nature can bring many advantages, but should never serve as a replacement for eating healthily. Instead, it should be used as an addition to daily food consumption, particularly for those living in areas where fresh produce may not be easily accessible or affordable. Balance of Nature offers an ideal and cost-effective solution in these instances – as an easily portable yet budget-friendly alternative that also addresses any nutritional deficiencies caused by lack of fruit and veggies in diet.


Balance of Nature supplements use real fruit and vegetables from real sources in their formulation, promising safe use for most individuals while improving your health in various ways. They offer a money-back guarantee. Although exact nutrient amounts in their products have yet to be listed, Balance of Nature claims their blends can help build strong immune systems, repair DNA damage and protect cells while remaining free from sugar, artificial additives or gluten.

Douglas Howard, the company’s founder, is both a chiropractor and homeopath. As he travels around the globe witnessing how inadequate nutrition can lead to serious health issues, Douglas Howard was inspired to create his company in order to combat such issues and promote a balanced diet through their products that include whole foods with naturally occurring phytochemicals found in plants.

Balance of Nature stands apart from other health supplement companies by only using raw ingredients without heating them during production, preserving their natural chemistry and making it easy for our bodies to absorb. Through this process, they are able to offer all of the essential vitamins and nutrients your body requires; their product features a mix of fruits and vegetables designed to promote an immune-supportive state.

Balance of Nature offers more than just nutritional supplements; their “Fiber and Spice” daily fiber supplement claims to aid you in reaching better health by being more effective than eating the same fruits and veggies every day. Their product is also safe for vegans.

However, the company has come under scrutiny for making exaggerated claims regarding their product’s ability to treat allergies and asthma; such claims are completely false and overpriced compared to their rival products. Furthermore, their prices tend to be more expensive.

Balance of Nature has provided reviews from customers who have used its products, without pay and are genuine testimonials that can be verified easily. Videos featuring them even display names and occupations so amateur sleuths can track them down and verify their stories.


Balance of Nature has been in business for 26 years, making them one of the pioneering supplement brands. Their products provide numerous health and cognitive enhancement benefits including improved gut health and enhanced cognitive performance. Their supplements are composed entirely of whole food ingredients which have been third-party tested; furthermore they’re free from additives, fillers, added sugars or pesticides while being gluten-free and non-GMO certified – perfect for vegans!

Balance of Nature was founded by Dr Douglas Howard in the 1990s with an aim of combatting lifestyle diseases from an long-term standpoint. Concerned with an increasing number of individuals suffering from such conditions, Dr Howard created Balance of Nature as a means to keep his loved ones healthy and create Balance of Nature as an institution.

Balance of Nature offers fruit and vegetable supplements packed with antioxidants that may help combat cancer and other illnesses. Their products are freeze-dried to preserve their nutrients and phytonutrients; available as capsules that can be swallowed directly, mixed in water or sprinkled over food, they’re widely available from online retailers like Amazon.

Balance of Nature offers another advantage in that its products don’t need refrigeration, extending shelf life for those living in cold climates and travelers alike. Their products can also be found at various natural food stores and pharmacies nationwide.

However, some consumers have noted that Balance of Nature products are too costly and don’t provide an array of essential vitamins. Furthermore, others have reported Fruits and Veggies capsules taste unpleasant. While such issues are rarer than usual, they should still be taken into consideration when selecting which product best meets your needs.

This company claims their supplements are safe for most adults, yet are unregulated by the FDA. The National Advertising Division referred them to the FTC for review; however, due to limited resources and enforcement priorities the agency declined.

Fruits and Veggies capsules and the Fiber and Spice Blend from this company are among its top sellers, containing 16 whole fruits and vegetables each. Meanwhile, 15 whole vegetables plus 8 grams of dietary fiber make up Fiber and Spice blend. Both capsules are organic, non-GMO ingredients free from additives or added sugar; it should be noted however, that these products should not replace a balanced diet plan.

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