AVG Internet Security Review

AVG Internet Security’s intuitive user interface makes it simple and effortless for any computer or mobile device. Options, actions, and settings are clearly presented with visual cues for maximum ease.

Password and file security, identification of phishing attacks in emails and warning you of insecure Wi-Fi networks are all provided for. In addition, Gaming Mode helps prevent your computer from slowing down during high-demand games.


AVG Internet Security is a complete antivirus software program designed to safeguard devices, computers and online activities against malware and spyware threats. Utilizing a multilayered approach for protection, AVG scans links, email attachments and downloaded files for threats before alerting you of their presence; its password protection tool safeguards banking and shopping details against cyber criminals; its firewall helps stop hacker attacks against your devices or activities online.

AVG’s user-friendly installation and use make it an effortless experience, offering straightforward settings adjustment options and thorough scans. With its PC Cleanup tool removing junk files to free up space while its performance optimization module detecting issues which slow down computer performance; in addition, its filter web traffic feature shields users against scam websites like Phishing sites that attempt to intercept your traffic.

Antivirus scanner from AVG boasts comprehensive detection and removal capabilities against worms, ransomware, Trojan horses and other forms of malware such as 0-day threats and malicious apps. External drives are scanned for viruses while cloud-based protection against zero-day threats is provided via AVG Labs. Analyzing files for suspicious behavior also sends them for further examination at AVG labs for additional scanning – not forgetting warning of insecure Wi-Fi networks and stopping suspicious programs from running on webcams on devices; plus strengthening passwords against vulnerabilities while blocking programs from running through AVG Labs can even help secure browser add-ons from AVG Labs!


AVG Internet Security’s free version provides basic protection from malware and cyber threats. While its paid counterpart includes various features like password protection, webcam protection and ransomware protection as well as personal file encryption with password authentication to secure personal files and data entrusted to it by encryption; weak or duplicate passwords can be easily identified and blocked from being reused; it also features anti-ransomware components which prevent malicious programs from accessing them and taking your files hostage.

AVG’s user interface is both sleek and straightforward, providing users with an unobtrusive browsing experience that works well with Windows’ networking features and operating system features. As a lightweight solution that doesn’t bog down computer performance when it runs, AVG only slightly increases boot times or file transfer speeds over local networks compared to competitors such as AdAware.

AVG provides an economically priced Internet security suite. Their entry-level version, AVG Internet Security Suite (AIS), boasts many premium features similar to those found in AVG Ultimate such as ransomware protection, webcam protection and enhanced firewall. In addition, this product includes ransomware protection, webcam protection and an improved firewall; ransomware protection; webcam protection; secure file shredder; Sensitive Data Shield technology that detects documents containing payment or tax information and blocks applications from accessing them without your approval; plus turbo scan, which skips over files it knows are safe thereby speeding up scanning processes significantly.

Easy to use

AVG Internet Security provides most of the basic functions found in modern security suites, including anti-virus protection, anti-phishing protection and ransomware protection. It also protects your privacy by monitoring passwords and sensitive information – notifying you if they are leaked or duplicates are created; and alerting you if email attachments contain viruses. AVG even features a password vault to store passwords securely when stored remotely with AVG’s anti-theft feature wiping away all sensitive information remotely if your computer is stolen – an offering unrivalled anti-theft functionality!

After installing, this software is simple and intuitive, taking you directly to a primary dashboard window where you can scan your computer easily. Tiles on this primary dashboard display what the software is protecting you against; clicking them reveals additional options like changing settings, running advanced scans or performing performance scans. In addition, clicking on the hamburger menu at the top of your window reveals even more possibilities like altering scanning protocols.

AVG is easy to use on both desktop computers and mobile devices, offering customizable user experiences on both platforms. Downloading and installing the free version will enable you to get started protecting yourself online – but beware the installer, which may try to sneak other modules such as AVG SafePrice shopping browser extensions into your security suite without your knowledge!


If you’re searching for an all-encompassing antivirus solution, AVG may be an ideal choice. Offering an array of features at an economical price point and offering money back guarantees in case the product doesn’t live up to your expectations, AVG is ideal for small and mid-size businesses without budgets to pay for more sophisticated suites.

AVG Internet Security is a comprehensive antivirus solution, protecting PCs against ransomware, phishing attacks and other threats such as identity theft. With firewall protection, web filtering and advanced network protection built-in to the program, AVG also protects you against identity theft by keeping hackers out of accessing personal information as well as online tracking protection and password encryption for enhanced protection – available across Windows PCs, Macs, iOS and Android devices.

AVG Ultimate suite brings together all the company’s premier products in one convenient bundle. Incorporating antivirus protection as provided by AVG Internet Security as well as advanced tuning and VPN features designed to improve computer performance, this ultimate suite is also more cost-effective than its rivals.

AVG Ultimate costs less than one dollar per device for its first year subscription; however, some features from Avast’s free version such as VPN access or an anti-junk tool may be missing from AVG Ultimate suite such as improved PC performance or junk data cleanup capabilities.

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