Avast Premium Security Review

Avast Premium Security stands out as one of the only comprehensive Mac security suites, providing malware and firewall protection alongside DLP tools, VPN access and PC optimization optimization features.

The interface of this suite is user-friendly and accessible; some may find its dark theme dull; its large buttons offer easy access to features like Virus Scans and Traffic Monitor.


Avast’s antivirus has consistently outshone independent laboratory tests and practical experience alike, and is also one of the few security products with a free version while still offering a robust set of features.

While Avast Free Antivirus provides full protection, Avast Premium Security enhances user experience with additional features like Smart, Full, Targeted and Custom scans; Boot-time Network Inspector; Email Sield protection as well as Ransomware prevention.

Users can utilize this software’s sandboxing feature to run applications in a virtual environment that’s separate from their actual PC, with additional security features including password manager, tracker blocker and several PC optimization tools included in its design.

Notable among Avast’s many features is its firewall, which has received high marks in both AV-Comparatives and SE Labs tests. At one end it earned Advanced+ certification while at another it scored 100% detection accuracy and protection from malware detection and protection against it. Avast also scored highly for its phishing protection and sandboxing features, earning good reviews from lab tests despite occasionally prompting users to upgrade to Avast One for better protection.


Avast Premium Security’s Firewall feature provides an extra level of defense to keep malware at bay from accessing files and folders on your computer. By default, this feature focuses on keeping an eye on Documents, Pictures, Desktop, and Videos folders within Windows, preventing untrusted apps from making changes or even deleting these files.

Advanced protection also prevents data leakage from your PC and warns you about ARP spoofing attacks that allow cybercriminals to infiltrate local networks and gain access to devices using man-in-the-middle attacks. Furthermore, this protection also alerts if other devices or malware scan for open ports on PCs.

Avast Premium Security’s user interface is intuitive, with a navigation bar on the left side of your screen that enables easy navigation through features and settings. Bright green serves as the main indicator that an element is active – to disable, simply click red (OFF) slider and set time durations or rules specific applications; an especially helpful feature for home users.

Webcam Protection

Avast Premium Security’s Webcam Protection feature protects against applications and malware attempting to gain unauthorized access to a PC’s camera or microphone without user consent, using Reputation Services to determine trusted or untrusted applications, then prompts users with results of analysis to either allow or block them based on this analysis.

Data Shredder feature securely deletes files by overwriting them multiple times so they cannot be recovered later. Furthermore, automatic software updates ensure all system and app components remain up-to-date with latest patches and fixes to reduce vulnerabilities that could be exploited by attackers.

Premier and Internet Security provide user-friendly interfaces with features that are intuitive to navigate. Both products prioritize customer support by providing numerous resources and channels for self-help while offering phone or live chat assistance when required. Both products also feature subscription tiers tailored to specific user requirements based on device coverage or length of protection.

Password Manager

Though Avast Password remains available (and still syncing passwords across browsers), new subscriptions to this feature were suspended by the company; existing subscribers can continue their plans and renewals as usual. Avast Password offers excellent password security with its 256-bit AES encryption and master password protection ensuring maximum protection of sensitive data.

The platform boasts some useful features, including a strong password generator and autofill features that sync between devices. However, some key areas remain lacking such as 2FA support and fine-grained sharing options; additionally its scanning process has proven less than reliable; missing freelance invoices with tax information or Excel files with passwords among them.

Premier and Internet Security prioritise user-friendliness by offering intuitive interfaces, straightforward installation processes, and customisation features that enable you to tailor the software according to your unique requirements. Unfortunately, LastPass provides more recovery options such as password hints or biometric verification via mobile device and SMS recovery compared to both Premier and Internet Security; in particular password recovery via password hints or biometric verification via mobile device and SMS recovery aren’t provided either. Both solutions prioritise user-friendliness through intuitive interfaces, intuitive installation processes, customisation options that enable software tailoring itself specifically to your individual requirements compared with LastPass; both offer user-friendly user experiences which enhance their user-friendliness; both provide user-friendly user experiences through intuitive user-friendly processes and customisation options suited specifically tailored towards meeting individual needs – something neither LastPass nor Internet Security have provided.

Parental Controls

Avast stands out from its competitors by offering parental control – parents can monitor children’s online activity and limit screen time even if they use an account on another device, like their smartphone.

Wi-Fi scanners also feature security weaknesses, like weak router passwords or strangers gaining entry through wireless access points in your home or office network. Sandboxing suspicious applications is also possible to ensure they’re safe before running them on PCs.

ESET’s newly updated interface is simple and user-friendly, featuring a straightforward banner indicating whether or not a scan should take place. Features are conveniently organized into groups for easier use while an upsell section contains details for other services provided by ESET.

Core Shields include a database of dubious websites, an efficient tool to locate duplicate web pages using DNS spoofing and an ability to remove junk files. Furthermore, it can block rogue software and malware, detect ransomware attacks and stop ransomware attacks quickly – with minimal impact on system performance either while scanning or idle.