Adobe Photoshop Elements Review

Adobe Photoshop Elements

Adobe Photoshop Elements may be simpler than its counterpart, but it still boasts an array of functions and capabilities. Quick View and Guided Edit offer users an easy way to make adjustments and perform various types of adjustments quickly and effortlessly.

The latest version of the software includes new features based on Sensei AI, including sky replacement, content-aware fill, and preset syncing.


Adobe Photoshop Elements is a comprehensive set of photo and video editing tools, intended to assist amateur photographers and digital artists create stunning photographs and videos. It includes tools for image correction such as cropping, resizing and colour adjustment as well as features for removing unwanted objects or adding creative effects. Furthermore, this program comes equipped with templates to assist users in creating collages or slideshows.

Adobe Sensei’s 2023 edition of Creative Suite software has been upgraded with new AI-powered tools that provide special effects that can be applied quickly with one click, such as watercolour or oil painting styles. Other effects can be used to add texture or adjust colour balance; additionally, new features exist that open closed eyes in portraits as well as remove blemishes from skin tones.

However, many advanced tools are notably absent in this program. Notably, it lacks support for 16-bit color images which is problematic when working with high resolution photos and also doesn’t include features such as Healing Brush for fixing wrinkles and blemishes; Adobe’s Photoshop CC offers much more functionality like this plus Quick Adjustments panel to quickly modify photos as well as save them as print-ready PDF files.


Photoshop is the go-to image editing application, but its complex interface may be intimidating for newcomers. That’s where Photoshop Elements can come in: its simplified application provides new creatives a way to get their feet wet without being overwhelmed by pixels.

Adobe Elements stands apart from its predecessors by being a standalone program without subscription fees or ongoing cost commitment. Creatives interested in purchasing Photoshop Elements for either Mac or Windows computers can purchase either version separately, or purchase them together to save money when purchased in bundle with Premiere Elements.

Adobe Elements comes packed with 61 guided edit lessons that provide guidance on completing various photo-editing tasks ranging from object removal and slideshow creation, as well as using Adobe Sensei AI technology for automatic enhancement of images or creating animations from scratch.

Photoshop CC, on the other hand, is more complex image-editing software that’s best used by professional photographers and graphic artists. Available either monthly or annually as a subscription service, its best deal being the Creative Cloud Photography Plan which provides both Photoshop CC and Lightroom Classic along with 20GB storage and instant updates.


Adobe Photoshop is an extensive editing suite with numerous features, making it time-consuming to master. To address this challenge, Adobe has designed Adobe Photoshop Elements which is simpler for beginners as well as creative editors.

Photoshop Elements is available for both PCs and Mac computers, with Adobe Elements Organizer acting as its companion program to manage both photo and video files. This software tracks thousands of folders automatically while categorizing photos based on various criteria – it also comes equipped with an image search function to assist in quickly finding what you need for any specific project.

Adobe has introduced various new features into Photoshop Elements’ latest iteration, such as an enhanced clone tool and Replace Background guided edit. You can use these to remove imperfections in images while the Replace Background guided edit allows you to choose a different backdrop to enhance it further. There are also pink heart and confetti overlays you can add directly onto photos and Neural filters which use artificial intelligence technology to improve landscape coloring and add depth. Lastly, Adobe offers another unique feature called slideshow creation which lets you use both photographs and video clips in slideshow presentations created from both photos and video clips taken within Elements.


Photoshop is one of the world’s premier image-editing programs used by professional photographers, graphic designers, web developers, and others alike. However, its powerful yet flexible nature may be intimidating for beginner users – which is why Photoshop Elements exists – an easier-to-use version targeted specifically towards home users and hobbyists that offers an easier user interface while still offering all of the power and functionality of its full version. You can purchase Photoshop Elements standalone or as part of Creative Cloud subscription plan.

Adobe has added new features to Adobe Photoshop Elements 2022 edition that improve photo organization and editing tools, such as smarter photo organization tools. Adobe has also integrated its AI capabilities known as Sensei into this program; for instance, Sky Replacement utilizes this AI technology to automatically create more appealing skies in photos; Closed Eyes detects closed eyes in photographs automatically using this same AI capability, and opens them automatically using Closed Eyes tool.

Adobe has reduced the overall size of their software program in order to conserve disk space, and added support for Apple’s M1 chip, resulting in faster launch times and editing performance.

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