Adobe Acrobat Pro – The All-In-One PDF Solution

Adobe Acrobat Pro

Adobe Acrobat Pro provides teams with many capabilities designed to increase efficiency and productivity, as well as features designed to keep documents secure and compliant.

Pro adds features like Bates numbering for legal compliance, creating technical PDFs and instantly converting paper documents to instant rich PDFs. Furthermore, this solution allows reflow text and matching fonts.

Edit PDFs

Adobe Acrobat Pro makes it easy to modify text, add images, create and merge PDFs, fill and sign forms, remove backgrounds from images, crop them as needed and move text and images around within PDFs for optimal flow and add watermarks, bookmarks, headers, footers and links. Should any mistakes occur Control-Z can help reset them easily.

Adobe Acrobat now comes equipped with an updated user interface more in line with other programs in Adobe’s Creative Cloud suite, as well as new features to facilitate navigation and accessibility of tools.

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC is designed for working with PDF files, whether creating, editing, or sharing them. It aims to increase productivity and team collaboration while increasing security – and can even be used on mobile devices!

The Acrobat DC app’s Home tab gives you easy access to its most crucial tools and commands, from opening PDFs sent for review or signature, local storage files or cloud services like Box or Microsoft OneDrive, useful keyboard shortcuts and functions as well as its built-in search function for quickly finding specific terms in a document.

Create PDFs

No matter whether it is sharing survey results with your team, collecting feedback on an important proposal or making files available for public review – Adobe Acrobat Pro provides an easy and quick way to create PDFs quickly and effortlessly from both desktops and mobile devices.

PDFs provide an effective solution for quickly converting multiple file types into PDF documents, such as images, Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, web pages and audio and video clips. Multiple files can also be combined into one PDF document to simplify distribution and reading – an option which helps save both time and paper!

When creating a PDF, Acrobat scans the content to detect areas requiring form fields. It then automatically generates these form fields based on its analysis; you can delete any that were automatically created or add your own. Form fields can contain any type of field – from text boxes and checkboxes to interactive ones so anyone who opens up your PDF will be able to fill them out themselves.

Create PDF documents containing embedded forms that appear as part of the original document when viewed with Acrobat. This feature is especially helpful when sharing sensitive documents with people who may not use similar software as you.

Sign PDFs

Adobe Acrobat Pro gives you the power to digitally sign PDF documents and forms. Use a mouse or pen to add your signature, initials or text. Form fields will display with blue boxes for easy click-in; and select any color to place your signature, initials or text. Save signatures so they can be reused later on the same computer.

Adobe Document Cloud makes sharing PDF files with recipients so they can fill them out and sign them electronically much simpler, saving both you and your recipients valuable time in filling out online forms. Plus, Adobe can track who has signed and completed documents!

Adobe Acrobat Pro gives you the power to timestamp and digitally sign your documents, encrypt and password protect them to safeguard sensitive information, enable accessibility options for those with disabilities, and more.

If you need an easy and quick way to have PDF documents signed quickly and efficiently, consider Jotform Sign. Set-up only takes minutes, with each submission automatically converted into a PDF with signature fields – plus, accessing and updating signatures at any time is simple!

Share PDFs

Adobe Acrobat Pro has long been considered an industry-leading PDF editor, thanks to its comprehensive tools that make it an excellent fit for companies with complex workflows. Furthermore, this platform features 24×7 advanced tech support as well as integration with enterprise software like SharePoint and Microsoft 365. Furthermore, recent updates offer Bates numbering/branching in contracts as well as improved form creation/editing tools – with new updates adding Bates numbering/branching feature to contracts and improved form creation/editing tools being introduced into every release.

Collaborative features of PDF Document Manager are also an invaluable asset, enabling you to work together on PDF documents online with others. For example, one email with a link sent out can allow multiple reviewers annotate it from anywhere and on any device; you also see real-time updates when people view or comment on it, making comment management much simpler than before.

One great feature is the ability to quickly optimize PDF files for smaller sizes, saving space by shrinking images and other elements. Furthermore, using this tool to audit your file’s space usage gives you ideas on where best to reduce its size.

Cornell personnel may purchase Adobe Acrobat Pro via an Enterprise Term License Agreement (ETLA), with access to its Creative Cloud All Apps plan under a named-user license. To purchase Adobe Acrobat Pro please reach out to either Weill Information Technology Services or your local IT support provider.

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