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Going far beyond simple sharing, Modiv Social enables retailers and brands alike the ability to display, track, monitor, manage and analyze the lifecycle of a socially shared coupon, as well as identify 'shopping influencers' and reward those who share these coupons.

Modiv Coupon Social

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Mobile Coupon Wallet
Through an aggregated coupon wallet (shown in a Modiv Mobile-based retailer-branded app), the Shopper receives targeted coupons based on her behaviors and purchase history as well as those she's self-selected from coupon sites, the retailer's website, and other apps. Modiv's Coupon Wallet applies rules to offers regardless of source and synchronizes what Shoppers see in real-time across multiple channels.

Modiv share Facebook

Share to Facebook
Select coupons can be "shared" on Facebook (or Twitter). The Shopper knows she can share or like the coupon when these buttons appear on the coupon.

Retailers and brands select which coupons can be shared and/or liked as well as set limits on the number of times a coupon can be shared, grabbed, and redeemed. A Modiv exclusive capability.

Modiv Shared Coupon

Shopper-driven social sharing
Once the Shopper has shared a coupon, her friends can grab that coupon. The number of shares, grabs or redemptions can be preset by the retailer or brand. Since everything's digital, shared coupons can be used in any of the retailer's stores, but not in a competitor's thereby building value, awareness and loyalty with primary and secondary Shoppers.
Modiv Mobile Share
Friends grab the coupon from the Shopper's Facebook page and enter their loyalty card number (or mobile number if retailer doesn't have a loyalty program). The coupon loads directly into the Friend's coupon wallet and can be used immediately.


Reward your socially influential shoppers
Never before has a retailer been able to reward a Shopper directly and immediately based on social sharing of mobile coupons. To encourage sharing, retailers and brands can target specific up-sell or cross-sell "reward coupons" that are delivered to the Shopper via the coupon wallet. These rewards can be targeted in the same way as any other coupon with the ability to dynamically change based on the Shopper's social behavior, brand preferences, purchase history, location in (or out) of the store, and current basket contents (in-store). Additionally, Modiv can target coupons and offers to only those Shoppers who socially share coupons.

Modiv Social Graph

Track, measure and report
Only Modiv enables retailers and brands to track, measure and report (in a closed) loop Shopper-shared mobile coupons and offers. Retailers and Brands can identify the most socially influential Shoppers while better understanding (and measuring) the impact and return on shared coupons. An incredibly powerful tool, Modiv Social enables retailers (and their brand partners) to even target specific coupons to specific Shoppers based on the goal of influencing a specific set of Shoppers connected via a Social Graph. This provides an unprecedented level of targeting.