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You like to take control. But you also like a good deal and a timely reminder. Try shopping the way it would be if you designed it.

Modiv is bringing the dream of the mobile shopper to fruition. A shopper who is engaged and loyal. A shopper who saves money and time. A shopper who spends more, visits more frequently and costs less to support.


Save me time and money. That's what your customers want from your mobile application. From check-in to check-out, they expect a seamless experience that provides them value. Value that is delivered through personalized offers, the ability to shop and scan with their smartphone and self-checkout that's fast and without waiting in line. And, in return, they'll spend more   10% - 17% more.

Modiv Mobile provides retailers with a white-labeled platform on which to build a personalized shopping app that is integrated with your POS and targets offers based on data from your loyalty program or customer data.


Optimized to work in the store, Modiv Mobile scans products quickly (a fraction of a second) and accurately. Pricing is always correct because it's tied into your POS and can handle the most complex pricing structures. Modiv processes more than 1 million product scans a day and has been proven to scale to the demands of high-frequency retailers.


Targeted offers are key to driving basket lift 10%-17%. Modiv Mobile targets more than 10 million personalized offers each month. Every offer is based on each customer's individual historical purchases, brand preferences and loyalty, location in store/aisle, and what's in their shopping cart. Modiv gives you the ability to target customers at the most critical step in the path to purchase . No other solution provides this level of targeting at the point of purchase.


Users beget users. Social networks are an incredibly powerful tool and Modiv Social lets you leverage the power of Facebook, Twitter and other leading social networks and social sharing tools. Your customers can share and like coupons to spread the word that your stores are on the cutting edge.


Their wallets are open and they're ready to buy. It's the perfect time to incent them to spend more. From up-selling and cross-selling to pantry-loading and trial-offers, you can target offers based on each individual customer. Offers that drive redemption rates as high as 40% - 60%. No wasted expense of offering a loyal customer a trial offer. Promote targeted offers that achieve strong redemption rates and drive category and brand lift.


73% of smartphone customers would prefer to handle simple in-store tasks, such as checkout and payment, by themselves. Modiv Mobile supports dedicated checkout, mobile payment and NFC. Customer-initiated checkout that lowers your front-end labor costs by 10%-15% while supporting larger baskets (up to twice the average shopper). Reducing or reallocating your front-end labor enables you to drive a better in-store experience for your customers and gives them the experience they want.



Modiv Mobile is the only industry-tested mobile shopper marketing solution that integrates personalized promotions, mobile self-scan, and instant checkout on shoppers' smartphones.
And, it should be the core of your mobile strategy.